Increase Brick & Mortar Traffic…Without Increasing Your Budget.

With the new RetailPositive™ program, now through proof-of-concept, you can change your business in 2015. RetailPositive™ can increase your brick & mortar traffic without increasing your budget.

Since 2012, from the development stage into the practical real word, RetailPositive™ has proven to work with existing retail brick & mortar by increasing individual store traffic on a day-to-day comparative from the previous year.

For years, one of the most pressing problems in retail has been the falling of store traffic. While many retailers have continued to rely on old legacy media to provide a ‘push’ method of sustaining sales volume along with increased pricing, traffic has lagged.

The fact of the matter is that what was a push platform used by many retailers in driving traffic prior to the Great Recession, mainly through legacy media, has become a relationship driven platform where the voice of the potential customer must be heard. The following engagement that must be developed builds the possibility of that potential customer coming into the existing brick & mortar facility.

RetailPositive™ allows for the building of traffic…new traffic that has built up a new relationship with the retailer. While this normally takes an extended period of time, RetailPositive™ has created a strategy and platform that:

a. Increases traffic, for some as few as within four weeks while others has taken a
maximum of nine weeks to show positive increases in brick & mortar comparable
b. Is extremely cost effective without increasing the client’s existing marketing budget.
c. Maximizes digital & mobile.
d. And, increases the ROI of the retailer.

All of this is done without increasing the work load of the retailer’s staff during the RetailPositive™ period. And, the complete platform is turned over to the retailer after six months of going ‘live’.
With more and more people using digital and mobile to be connected, to look at their social media, to check out the latest commerce video and/or to read their mail and yes, actually making a call, it is an absolute that your integrated marketing core must be connected to them continuously in order to engage with them and get them into your store.

Sound like a ‘silver bullet’? Its more than that. It works! Contact or today.

What do you have to loose?