If there ever was an immediate need to make sure your website is mobile friendly, the time is now! For those who have delayed, get moving. For those who have taken their employees word for their website’s mobile friendliness, double check with an independent consultant. For those who have just made a new website, full of stuff and movement, you better double check with an outside consultant to make sure you are really mobile friendly.

In a new report, Adobe expects mobile to surpass desktop by the end of the year. While desktop remains the primary driver of retail revenue, retail mobile visits are steadily rising, and the data suggests it will surpass desktop in visit share by the end of 2017.

Today, people are viewing retailers on their phones, but still buying from their desktops,” Schreiner said. “By the end of the year, we’ll see mobile eclipse desktop with site visits. It’s hard to imagine they won’t take a very big share of sales, too.”

The study also details how effective email promotions and social conversions are at different times of the day. Email promotions are most successful in the morning and evening, whereas social and display conversions grow in the late evening, probably thanks to impulse buys.

Social still lags as a channel. Retail will have its mobile moment before the end of the year. And paid search is challenging organic for the number one channel.

A couple of notes:

. Search channels convert best in the afternoon.

. Social and Display best convert in the late PM and early AM.

. Tablet share continues to decline.

. Quality over quantity is the key strategy.

. Overall visit duration is trending up for retail.

. Social has more than doubled since September 2015.

. Paid search peaks in the holiday season and then fades.

. eMail is a morning focused marketing channel. But the conversion is later in the evening.

. Retailers should concentrate on converting their smartphone traffic.

. Social is becoming essential. To be a successful retailer, you have to concentrate on a strong social media strategy to capitalize on this growing platform.

. Don’t limit your social and display ad schedule to the day. Expand it into the late night to take advantage of impulse buying.

We live in a MOBILENow world. Make sure you are positive you are mobile friendly.