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As we all prepare for 2015, mobile is the key word for business today. For retailers and brands, ‘Mobile Makes The ‘Last Millisecond’ The ‘Last Inch’ for in-store Experiences’ is the lead story in your personal edition of ‘Media Notes Canonical 121714’. If you lose her in the last-inch context, she walks out the physical and the virtual door. On Page Seven, ‘Mobile will revive and redefine context marketing’ primarily because brands as publishers are breaking the traditional mold to appeal to new audiences via mobile they never thought reachable and have become active participants in the daily lives of consumers and no longer interruptive voices.

Digital video viewers keep an eye on PCs. Why? Video consumption on any digital device will pass 200 million in 2015. That’s a lot of video. Check it out on Page Five.

Twitter & Foursquare are partnering to improve location in tweets. That’s on Page four.

And on Page Six, Guardians of Peace show cowards of Hollwood opines the latest in the SONY hack.

So much more in your personal issue of MNC. Hope you have a great day and a better weekend.

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