CEOs are playing a more important role in digital-business initiatives. They are demanding customer engagement as their top priority. For many businesses, that begins with video consumption. Mobile and connected TV helps drive video consumption and that is the top story in your personal edition of this week’s Media Notes Canonical 071614. And on its heels, many question if companies can measure social media ROI? That information can be found on Page Two.

Speaking of social media, what the past couple of weeks have shown us is that you must be a good sport with social media or pay the price. That is on Page Four.

The Jury is back with the verdict. E-commerce website is the most valuable digital channel for store traffic. If you need traffic, check out this story on Page Five. And to make sure that you find out as much as you can about mobile, did you know that mothers turn to mobile when in-store to save money?

These and more can be found inside your edition of MNC.

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