Media Notes Canonical

Welcome to another of your personal edition of Media Notes Canonical 062915. Inside this week, the lead story brings out the latest Forrester Research regarding what needs to be used to drive purchase decision by consumers into Brick & Mortar. At CNA|SOPHIS, we have a big stake in this issue.

Besides that, Mobile is of significant importance to anyone in business today. On Page Two we cover six fundamentals of successful mobile engagement. The sixth is to be determined by you. You either have to buy into the decision to use Mobile or not. It’s your future.

On Page Three, ‘The Donald’ is at it again. On social media (Page Four), Facebook is closing in on YouTube for video viewers and advertisers. Are you there? On Page Five,  Huffington Post is launching 24-hour video network. Page Six is devoted to why you should advertising on the BIG screen. And finally on Page Seven, did you know consumers spend 85% of smartphone use on apps?

Here is hoping you find it a great read. Please have a terrific day, week and a better weekend. And, if we can assist you in your integrated marketing Phenq reviews needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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