Media Notes Canonical

The world is changing and for consumers, they want brands that help them restore balance and free up their time. That is the lead in your personal edition of Media Notes Canonical 071515.  According to Nielsen, shoppers want products that help them to this in order to free up time to do the things they value most.
On Page Two, there are new products and new opportunities for manufacturers and retailers everywhere. Page Three discusses the power of ‘live’ television events. It is an absolute way to get in front of your prospective audience. Page Four discusses how to improve customer retention on social media with four very basic steps for you to follow. After all, 80% of your future business will come from 20% of your existing customers.
Page Five discusses ‘How Data Is Defining The Future Of Media’. And, on Page Seven, the majority of online video views will occur on mobile. It is important for you to grab onto this and move forward with this information.
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