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Millennials Value Unity More Than Diversity

Millennials, often referred to as the “me” generation, should actually be referred to as the “we” generation, according to a new Fuse Media study that reveals how much this cohort values inclusivity.

The 2019 Fuse Multicultural Insider research, commissioned by Fuse and conducted by NRG, found that millennials (18 to 35 years old) view the notion of “unity” as two times more valuable than diversity, and 55% of millennials believe diversity isn’t inclusive enough. Insights for the research came from 1,500 millennials and 500 Gen Xers between 36 and 49 years old.

Lindsey Stein, writing in Campaign (080919), “This study amplified the idea that this subset of adults is passionately seeking unity, and what brings us together, while defining diversity as couched in what sets us apart. This is something we have observed both with our audience and the millennial and younger colleagues, talent and partners with whom we work every day,” said Mark McIntire, head of marketing, Fuse Media.

Nearly nine out of 10 millennials (88%) said they like when a brand appeals to more than one person, while 85% agree that a brand should be something everyone can enjoy, according to the research.

The study also revealed that 85% of millennials think brands should market to people based on interests and passions rather than physical traits, and 81 percent like when brands give underrepresented groups a platform and voice.

Most millennials (77%) said their favorite brands value inclusivity, with 79% saying they want ads to showcase diversity and 78 saying it’s important for ads to […]

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Mobile Is Shaping The Future Of Marketing Innovation

It is with us everywhere we go. It is now an appendage. The mobile device is now part of our DNAge. The relationship we are now establishing between users and their connected devices are stronger than ever. The mobile phone and tablet are integral parts of our lives.

Jennifer Marlo in wrote that we all know that mobile can be a powerful marketing tool. Mobile provides marketers the opportunity to make more precise, data-driven decisions than ever before and offers a way to connect with consumers on their most personal possession.

It’s time to stop considering mobile and time to start thinking mobile.

Here is data to back that up. In August, 51% of all buying decisions began on a mobile device. During this year so far, 41% of smartphone users research and purchase on their smartphone. 46% of smartphone users research on a smartphone and go to the store to purchase.

Mobile provides us all with an engagement medium that allows us to deliver relevant communications to a specific target segment. This means we have to provide relevant and engaging content to them. Always remember to place the consumer at the center of all of our actions. The consumer experience must be easy.

Having said that, mobile is no more complicated than the old fashioned print ads except you have to understand the medium and where your target is at the time you contact them. Yes. It is a push medium and not a ‘run it up the flagpole and see which way the wind blows’ platform. We need to push the message out to our opted-in potential customer in order to solicit a response. This is the beginning of dialog. And once dialog begins, the interactivity […]