A decade previous, a discussion was held where an idea was offered to a potential client that included developing a local television cable channel for the world’s largest single home furnishings retailer. At that time, the potential client was not able to develop the concept but ten years later, approached CNA | SOPHIS to update the concept and present a workable solution to enhance potential revenue.



Only one retailer had ever created a television channel previously. It was created by the founders of CNA | SOPHIS for a retailer in Phoenix, AZ. It too was interactive. In 2012, after a thorough market analysis, the approach was considered on a national basis. But the start-up costs were considered too great. Digital was selected. No one in the world had ever considered using digital as the lead platform followed by mobile and then legacy media, to reach the potential consumer and have her interact. By having it video driven, both potential partner sponsors and the potential consumers could upload video of fashion and design to share and ‘become inspired’.


Strategic Insights

Working closely with the Chief Executive Officer, CNA | SOPHIS recommended an innovative “Multiverse Of Screens” approach in launching a 21st Century network combining digital, mobile and legacy screens to deliver an interactive consumer entry into the world of fashion and design, via video content, within the home furnishings industry. This unprecedented strategy and creative approach resulted in the launching of TDN … The Design Network on January 7, 2013 globally, on time and within budget.


Scope of Work

  • Business/Brand evaluation
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Customer Management
  • Creative Development
  • Strategic Consulting


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