Media Notes Canonical

It is your audience that chooses to engage with you. And this determines what you have to do to reach them. That is the lead in your personal edition of Media Notes Canonical 022215. You will also find real time retail will revolutionize shopping as we know it. You can find out all about that on Page Two.

On Page Three, Karen North noted that ‘We’ve become a participation culture. People don’t want to just sit back and consume media or experiences. They want to participate.’ On Page Four, LinkedIn ads now follow you around the web.

One of the big stories this week is that if you have no m-commerce site, your Google Search rank could be in jeopardy. Check it out on Page 5. And on Page 7, the social tipping point in m-commerce is discussed.

That and so much more is stuffed into your MNC this week.

And…if you need assistance in your integrated marketing, just give us a call.


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