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As we are now into the ‘Selling Season’ of retail, the more we know about digital/mobile will propel retail to a powerful conclusion to 2014.

Did you know, 90% of mobile is handled from bed? It should give you a tip on when to reach the consumer during the next few weeks as we all push to build traffic and sales. That’s the lead story in you personal edition of Media Notes Canonical 120114. And, social media is pushing for all it is worth. On Page Four, Twitter is now inviting advertisers to create offers. On Page Five, as social media becomes one of the most important platforms for building traffic in brick & mortar facilities, there is a great discussion regarding ‘People Trust Other Consumers’.

So how did Black Friday online sales go? Check out that entire story on Page Seven.

We also present a unique story about how hackers cracked into Sony and download millions of films including those in theaters now and some that haven’t even premiered. That’s on Page Six. The Pay TV Market shrank in the third quarter. That’s on Page Three. All of this and more in your MNC.


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